Open Cup will be held as part of Riga Tango Fiesta 2019 (www.rigatangofiesta.lv)
Cultural palace "Ziemelblazma", Riga, Ziemelu 36. (www.ziemelblazma.riga.lv)

May 4th, Saturday
12:30 –13:30  Participants registration, issueing of numbers
14:30  Participants instruction
13:00 – 14:55 Day Milonga – participnts warm up
15:00  Participants parade
15:10 – 19:30 Baltic Open Cup Rondas
TDJ Irina Nekrasova
Hostes: Ilmars Ozols and Brigita Rodrigues
Juan Martin Carrara  (Uruguay)
Stefania Colina (Uruguay )
Carlos Rodrigues (Argentina)
Bo Gito Dalker (Denmark)
Julia Osina (Russia)
•For final rondas the audience will also act as judge
•During the Cup there are 3 planed brakes 10-15min, approximately once an hour
19:30-19:50  breake
19:50-20:20 Awarding winners
20:20-01:00 Gran milonga Riga Tango Fiesta 2019
TDJ Irina Nekrasova
Performance at about 23:00:
Juan Martin Carrara and Stefania Colina (Uruguay )
•Car parking near Ziemelblazma is free
•During the day program till 21:00 cafe Ziemelblazma is open where you may have a tasty lunch and dinner
•Also from 18:00 till 00:00 a bar in open the milonga hall
•During the Cup also show-room Tomira-fashion (SPB) will be open

On May 4th, the entrance to the hall during the competition and Day milonga is allowed by invitation only, 
invitation card cost – 15 Euro (www.rigatangofiesta.lv).